This Year in Books 2017

This Year in Books 2017 In 2017, I endeavored to read more books that were not written by white men. I also started to add ratings on a 10 point scale. The ratings are based on my subjective experience – I don’t even trust them all that much. There is an idea in the study … [Read more…]

This Year in Books 2016

This Year in Books 2016 Each year I post a summary of the books I read. In This Year in Books 2015 I shared that A Short History of Nearly Everything was my personal book of the year. In 2015 it was Moonwalking with Einstein. Maybe it was a combination of moving to a new … [Read more…]

Mom Vision: Indonesia from a mother’s lens.

I pondered over Jared’s request to write about our trip from my perspective. Thousands of memories, images, and thoughts flooded my brain. This left me paralyzed as to how to fulfill this request without leaving anything out, yet being able to convey in an article the magnificence of our trip, without writing a novel. I … [Read more…]