• jsbrett

      Considering you are a huge role model of mine that makes sense. I remind you of yourself. Thank you for the compliment; it means an incredible amount.

  1. Allison Owen

    I miss you! hope to see you soon! i have changed schools and it is a little hard! But I just think of all the great things you said last year and keep moving forward! I hope you are having fun! I hope to see you soon keep me posted with all the cool stuff you are doing!!

    • jsbrett

      Hi Allison,
      I miss all of my old students in Nashville too! I remember that you were changing schools, that can definitely be a hard transition, but you’re an impressively strong individual. I’m glad you are using all of the lessons from last year and making the experience the best that it can be. I will definitely keep you posted with all of my activities. Keep checking back here!
      Mr. Brett

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