A few weeks ago 8 fellow Fulbrighters came to visit Jogja on vacation.  I, unfortunately, was still teaching for most of their visit, but I got to participate in one day of adventure.  We went to Goa Pindul, an area known for a small mountain, rivers, and caves.

We took a day trip, about 1.5 hours outside the city, to get there and took a tour of the caves via tubes.  To follow we headed over to a nearby river to do some jumping.  This is the video my friend “Go Pro Pete” put together of our day.

Make sure to stick around or fast-forward to the last 40 seconds or so to see us jumping off of a 6-7 meter ledge, and a sweet backflip.




  1. Marvins mom

    Hi mr Brett I was looking at the things you have been up too in Indonesia but I can’t see this video of you jumping off the cliff!

  2. Marvins mom

    Those places were amazing especially the first place you visited the one where it looked like a “cave” With water in it I don’t know what it’s called but it was beautiful. Your so lucky to be experiencing these places, places I’ve never even imagined, when I see it and read about it here it opens my eyes to everything else that’s out there in the world. Places, people, culture, places ill probably never get to see in person but its nice to experience it through your “eyes” thanks for sharing I don’t know how else to express how I feel when I read or see these places on your page im not good with words, only words that come to mind are beautiful, humble, magical!

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