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Episode 12 – Jared Brett of Gilson Boards – Driven to Better

The Driven To Better Podcast focuses on “interviewing startup founders to share inspiring stories from early entrepreneurs, people just like you and me, that you can actually relate to. You’ll hear some of the best marketing strategies, business resources, and other tips and advice that you can apply right away.”


Why we NEED to do Business with Friends

A few months after I wrote this article, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a similar piece about how businesses actually start. There is an argument for ignoring the adage “don’t do business with friends” in the early stages of business development. Mainly, they are the source of our inspiration and our first evangelists.

Why Doing the Impossible Happens All the Time

The most difficult part of being an entrepreneur is psychological. It is the flares of doubt combined with constant failure that can be emotionally draining. This piece suggests that bold ideas are possible because they are the product of the human brain.

Outside Magazine Names Gilson Boards Top 6 Snow Brands

This is an article I wrote for highlighting the coverage by Outside Magazine of our company as one of the top 6 boutique American-made snow brands of 2015. We were honored to be included on this list among a few other brands we admire.

Principal Appreciation Op-Ed for The Tennessean

As a first year teacher, I wanted to thank my mentor and share the support he provided to me. This was an op-ed piece published in The Tennessean.

SoundLogik Jock Jams Vol. 1

A blast from the past, I wrote this guest post back in 2011 when I was phasing out of SoundLogik for, who asked me to share some music insights with their lacrosse fan-base. It’s a taste of the glory days of over-writing and good music. Yes, the pen-name of “jaybay” is still my nickname.

PeaceTreaty Album Release + Interview

Back in the SoundLogik days, I interviewed a fair amount of artists and musicians for the website. These guys were some of my favorites.

Video Projects

Gilson Boards

Rider Phil Klopfenstein plays around in the park last winter in Colorado.  We decided to make a little teaser video.

Gather out of Star-Dust from Gilson Boards on Vimeo.

During out second testing trip out in Colorado, we ran a few experiments to test the concept of our new technology.  The early days of GB will be nice memories in a few years.  These are the moments in a startup that are most invigorating – when you are learning, creating, and doing every single day.

2 Days | 2 Experiments from Gilson Boards on Vimeo.


Team Possible

As a Teach For America corps member in Nashville, Tennessee, our teaching team created a remarkable community – Team Possible.  Our mission: “Together, Team Possible will encourage scholars to embody excellence. We will ensure a safe, optimistic environment that values all learners through differentiated support, embracing partnerships with families and communities.  Through high expectations, students will develop personal responsibility for their social, emotional, and intellectual learning.”

Halfway through the year we celebrated our progress with an academic showcase.  Students presented poetry, songs, speeches, art and complex knowledge of math, science, and history.


Academic Showcase 2012 – Team Possible from Jared Brett on Vimeo.