This Year in Books 2020

It seems this is the only post I write anymore, my annual book review. Each year, I list out the books I read with some commentary with the goal to encourage myself and others to read good books and share what we learn. Considering the wild ride of 2020, I’m happy I hit my goal … [Read more…]

This Year in Books 2017

This Year in Books 2017 In 2017, I endeavored to read more books that were not written by white men. I also started to add ratings on a 10 point scale. The ratings are based on my subjective experience – I don’t even trust them all that much. There is an idea in the study … [Read more…]

This Year in Books 2016

This Year in Books 2016 Each year I post a summary of the books I read. In This Year in Books 2015 I shared that A Short History of Nearly Everything was my personal book of the year. In 2015 it was Moonwalking with Einstein. Maybe it was a combination of moving to a new … [Read more…]