Jared is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon with a passion for data, technology, and human-centered design.

As a first generation American whose parents emigrated from South Africa,  I learned from an early age the beauty of diverse and novel learning experiences.  Growing up in a home where the interests, values, and conversations differed from those at school led to curiosity into the different ways people view the world and their place in it.

My career meandered. After studying psychology at University of California at Berkeley, I joined Teach For America, teaching for two years in Nashville, Tennessee, and earning a master’s in education. Then, I taught in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as a Fulbright Fellow with the US State Department before jumping into startup life at Gilson Snow as Co-Founder and COO.

This varied background applying business and technical acumen to ambiguous problems coupled with a desire to build things that matter to people led me to the world of technology. It probably didn’t hurt that my father is a software engineer. For the last 7 years I’ve worked in technical project and product management at McMaster-Carr (search for anything and see how fast you find it!), Grainger (check out KeepStock – a nice blend of inventory management and IoT), and now Amazon. I enjoy helping organizations understand their customers and build products that solve their problems in ways that are secure, reliable, re-usable and scalable. 

LinkedIn: Jared Brett

Twitter: @JaredSBrett