Summit Outside or: Friendship, Connection, and the Art of Making No Small Plans

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A week and a half ago I ventured up into the mountains of Eden, Utah, to begin a journey.  I am not the same as when I left.

Attending a Summit event appears to be a turning point in people’s lives.  It is an experience of deep personal introspection that screams, “imagine your perfect life and go live it!”  Think business conference/music festival/personal development lecture series combined and you begin to scratch the surface of what Summit events are like.

“The community we serve — a collection of entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, artists, scientists, athletes, and other change makers — is at the heart of everything we do. Through an annual conference, we set the stage for these people to forge lifelong friendships, spawn new business ideas, tackle global issues, and, in turn, make our world a better place.”

The most impressive and beautiful aspect is the people who are invited.  Of 1,000 in attendance I had a hard time finding someone who wasn’t worth a good conversation, who didn’t harbor powerful passions and convictions, or an intense desire to seriously impact the world.  If you have not heard of Summit Series, I encourage you to check out the work that they are doing to make this world a better place and see the names of those in support.

Your work is your message

It has been my experience that it can take weeks or even months to process the most profound of experiences and I anticipate that this event will be the same.

With respect for the environment the Summit team has cultivated and the privacy of those in attendance, I share only words and lessons from the event rather than images.  I recommend that you consider each and find ways to apply them to your own lives.

“Make no small plans.”

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

“Happiness is acceptance.”

If you want to read more about the event Forbes wrote and article titled “Summit Outside: What Happens When 900 Entrepreneurs Go Camping Atop Powder Mountain”.

There is no wi-fi in the forest

“Not all who wander are lost.”

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Forbes wrote another titled: “8 Things I learned at 8500 Feet from 850 Incredible People“.

TheNextWeb wrote a Summit Outside Recap with some good pictures as well.


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