Trash: America, You’re Doing it Wrong

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Indonesian lifestyle and culture is beautiful.  Each member clearly contributes to society as a whole and deeply cares about those around them.  I never go a day without a complete stranger offering a quick smile and bow.  I love being a part of that for just a little while. There are many things I have learned since moving to Indonesia that have struck me as interesting lifestyle choices I should bring home.  For example, I…

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Culture Shock is a Picnic Idea

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Culture shock is a picnic idea.  It is the stark beauty of an open field beneath a majestic temple primed and begging for the blanket and wicker box filled with goodies.  It is the excited planning of a crisp white wine, veggie platter hors d’oeuvres, deli sandwiches, with a chance of sundresses.  It is the realization that none of this is possible. You haven’t seen white wine anywhere; the knowledge required to find ice to…

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Visit to Pesantren Pabelan

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  **I apologize to those following along and noting the absence of recent updates.  Updating a website without internet access proved beyond my wizardly abilities.  Thank you for your patience and support.  And comments always make my day.** ________________________________________________________________ A two-hour bus ride away fellow ETA and friend, Max B., lives in a little village called Pabelan.  During our two-weak orientation Max and I hit it off splendidly.  With ETAs placed all over Indonesia it…

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