Gunung Merapi & Kaliurang

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  Gunung Merapi (Mount Merapi) is an active volcano hovering over the town of Kaliurang.  The town is about 25 minutes north of Yogyakarta, a lush and beautiful drive up to the base of the mountain.  I was invited to attend a conference with some of the other teachers in the town, but found myself quite incapable of participating due to my fledgling Indonesian language skills. I decided to take the day exploring the town.…

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Getting To Indonesia: An Exercise in Patience

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  I hoped the plane rides would draw on painfully like a Padres baseball game.  I hoped the jet-lag would prepare me for the undead lifestyle for when the apocalypse comes. I hoped the culture shock would leave me feeling like Wilson - deflated, bloody, wearing a smirk of indecipherable emotion. There is something to be said for low expectations and their effect on perception.  Just read this HuffPost article about why us Gen Y…

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