Living in a Disaster Prone Area: Mt. Kelud Eruption

Two weeks ago Mt. Kelud, a volcano roughly five hours away from my home in Yogyakarta erupted spewing ash hundreds of miles. Wind carried the ash all the way to Yogyajakarta where it shut down roads due to visibility issues and laid down a layer 4 centimeters thick. At the time I was in Bali with my family celebrating my quarter-century birthday. Friends still in the city said my lungs would thank me. The eruption…

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Gunung Merapi & Kaliurang

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  Gunung Merapi (Mount Merapi) is an active volcano hovering over the town of Kaliurang.  The town is about 25 minutes north of Yogyakarta, a lush and beautiful drive up to the base of the mountain.  I was invited to attend a conference with some of the other teachers in the town, but found myself quite incapable of participating due to my fledgling Indonesian language skills. I decided to take the day exploring the town.…

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