1. anabel blackford

    hey mr. brett! do u remember me? i LOVE that you are in indonesia. i read your article on living in “the now.” i loved it. im sorry about your family, but happy endings right? just one question, was it cool? the volcanoe, i mean. i imagine it, as everything goes quiet. and you just sit and watch. the lava spewing, but elegantly. besides all the panic, it seems serene and unreal. then that moment gets lost and you get torn back to reality. what was it like?

    (sorry about the spelling)


  2. jsbrett

    Hi Anabel!

    Of course I remember you. How could I forget such an inquisitive and curious mind? I LOVE that I am in Indonesia too! Living here has really helped me to evolve my perception of the world and my place in it. I’m realizing how incredibly similar everyone in the world is. If you ever get the chance to travel, I highly recommend it.

    Your description of the volcano was beautiful. I love the characterization of the volcano being elegant. As much as it pains me to reveal this to you, I wasn’t actually in town the day the volcano erupted. I was taking my family around to see other parts of Indonesia and only got back to enjoy the choking ash clouds. However, I maintain that your description is how things went down.

    Say hello to your parents for me. I look forward to hearing of the incredible things you learn and discover.

    – Mr. Brett

  3. anabel blackford

    One question:
    when are you thinking about settling down?
    when are you thinking about coming back to the U.S? (if of course this is in your life plan) and if you do come back and visit JTM, there is this one teacher I would like you to meet. her name is Ms. Siami, and she reminds me of you very much.
    when are you going to find a specific career? (I do think you were an EXCEPTIONAL teacher, so if you still have interest there, I say jump in.)

    an inquisitive and curious mind,


    (oh! P.S, sice you haven’t seen me since 5th grade, i now have short hair!)

    • jsbrett

      That’s an excellent question that many people would like to know the answer to – probably my parents most of all :). When…? I’m not sure when I’ll settle down for good. I am enjoying this time when I have the ability and the opportunity to be a bit of a nomad. I may not always have that chance so I must do my best to seize it.

      I’ll be back in the US on June 18! So soon. I leave for Thailand tomorrow to enter a meditation retreat and monastery for a few weeks. I definitely plan to come back to visit JTM next school year. All my memories of long-haired 5th graders will be replaced by short-haired 8th graders. I can’t wait! I am looking forward to meeting Ms. Siami. What about her reminds you of me?

      As far as I’m concerned I am building skills and knowledge that will enable me to succeed in my future endeavors and most importantly to appreciate them. I personally believe that the days of “specific careers” are coming to a close. Of course, there will continue to be certain professions that follow this model, but more and more, I’m seeing businesses looking for people who have a wide array of skills and are willing to do any type of work. Companies need to be agile, to be able to change quickly, so they need people with a wide variety of experience. When I return to the US I will be getting back on board with a snowboard company that I started a few years back.

      I appreciate that your comments always have questions in them that make me think and process my experience.

      Mr. Brett

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