This Year in Books 2021

Each year I write a quick overview of the books I read. Since my senior year of high school, I've had the goal of reading at least one book per month, on average. In 2021, I made it right at 12 books. This year in data about the books I read I read: 12 books 25% written by female authors 83% fiction On average 31 years between when the book was written and when I…

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This Year in Books 2019

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Each year, I publish the books I read with a bit of commentary. The goal is to encourage myself and others to read good books and to share ideas. This year I broke down what I read in a different way and learned I probably need to be reading more books written by people who are less like myself, as well as books published longer ago. This Year in Data about Books With my growing…

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This Year in Books 2018

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This Year in Books 2018 Each year I publish a list of books I read. As a high-school senior, a remarkable teacher inspired me to set a goal to read at least 12 books each year. I get close. Below is the list from 2018 with some commentary about those that resonated. For the astute, publication date for this list is January 2020. Business school pushed updating this site lower on the list or priorities.…

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This Year in Books 2014

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This Year in Books 2014 Living in Indonesia was good for my reading. With time being so loosely approached, I often found myself sitting and waiting, sometimes for a few hours. We’re going to the immigration office? Let me get my book. You’re inviting me to come to a conference with you that I can’t participate in? Let me get my book. Dinner is soon? Let me get my book. Fortunately, I enjoy reading, and…

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This Year in Books: 2013

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In 5th grade my father bought me a textbook-size copy of The Hobbit with 48 brightly colored illustrations to lose myself in when my eyes were too tired to continue reading. Before then, I remember liking books.  I enjoyed the Famous Five and the Secret Seven.  I laughed at The Phantom Tollbooth.  I had never been spellbound, dizzy, and confronted with the scope of the world until I followed Bilbo. My 12th grade literature teacher,…

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